“I’ve never felt this good”

Marcus Rashford says he has never had any feeling as that he felt after scoring Manchester United. Rashford started a Europa League game when he was only 18 in Midtjylland.

This came as a replacement for Anthony who was an injured martial by then. In the second half of the game, Rashford scored twice. That was his first time scoring for United. He did so after Juan Mata cut a cross back.

Five Substitutions Allowed

The association which centrally oversees all game laws, the International Football Association Board (IFAB), allowed teams to change where necessary so that they can give protection to their players. The board said that teams are allowed to make up to five substitutions when playing matches when the break due to coronavirus comes to an end.

This temporary change has come in place as a way of protecting the fitness of players when football resumes. This is after all matches in the whole world were stopped due to the ongoing pandemic. According to IFAB, they made this decision after being requested by FIFA.

However, the change will only be effected in matches which were to finish before 31 December 2020. This shows that the change will apply to the Europa League and the Champions League for this year’s season only.

The Newest Football Tactic: Gegenpressing

Football is a game which requires a lot of tactics by the players for a team to emerge successful in a match. Coaches do not tire innovating new styles as the players try coming up with theirs too.

The newest style in town, Gegenpressing, has gained popularity, especially in England and Germany. The style has been made famous by Jurgen Klopp. People are still wondering how it works as they try all they can to get the correct tactics.