The Covid-19 pandemic has affected sporting events not only in Europe but the whole world as well. One of the competitions most affected by this global crisis is the UEFA Europa League. The competition, like most others around the world, was put on hold in March until further notice amid rising Coronavirus cases. But with Europe now slowing flattening the curve what options are there for 2019/20 competition?

1. Neutral Venues

One of the most viable options for completing the 2019/20 season is playing the remaining games at neutral venues. While this is effective in preventing the further spread of the disease and in clearing up the schedule, it might work against some if not most of the teams. Transportation and accommodation costs will affect many of the teams. The travel restrictions in place in some of the countries might also prove to be a challenge.

2. One-legged Knockout Matches

While it is the norm for knockout matches to be decided on aggregate goals after two legs, the pandemic challenge may necessitate some changes. Part of the proposals that most experts are putting forward is that the remaining knockout matches only play a single leg. It is interesting to see what the individual teams will think of this proposal.

3. Cancelling The Season

While it may seem like a far-fetched proposal, everything is possible at this point in time and cancelling the 2019/20 competition is something to consider. This move will depend largely on how the pandemic changes within the next one month. This option comes with some huge implications especially in terms of revenue for UEFA Europa League and the teams as well. Again, this decision would bring about the dilemma on how to decide next season’s qualification. This is especially hard because some leagues hope to resume their domestic leagues soon.